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Territory Map

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How We Manage Our Areas

Alston Equipment Company has Sales Engineers and Application Specialists in three strategically located offices; Amite, LA, Houston, TX and Dallas,TX , servicing Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Each one of our Salesmen is responsible for a geographic territory in which we travel on a regular basis.

Our application specialist and engineers are available by phone and email and make it a point to respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. We make ourselves available for meetings at our customer locations upon request, and we take great pride in responsiveness.

What to Expect

When you make contact with Alston Equipment Company you will be working with a professional and knowledgeable application specialist. We have over 125 years of combined experience in Bulk Material Handling, Processing and Pollution Control equipment, and Systems. Over the years we have developed a vast knowledge of process experience in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

Whether your project is for a single piece of equipment, to optimize an existing process, or a totally new process, we have the knowledge and experience to recommend process design and equipment which will assure that your project is successful.

Rebecca Alston

Tel: 985-748-9979
Cel: 985-687-9130
Fax: 985-284-2000

Mike Brus

Tel: 832-243-1210
Cel: 713-430-6399
Fax: 832-415-0442

Jeff Farrar

Tel: 972-722-4400
Cel: 214-601-5947
Fax: 985-284-2000

Bill Lawrence

Tel: 972-722-4400
Cel: 972-765-13199
Fax: 985-284-2000

Ron Orsi

Tel: 985-748-8482
Cel: 504-450-6395
Fax: 985-284-2000

Colleen Meyer

Tel: 832-243-1210
Cel: 713-447-3090
Fax: 832-415-0442

Tom Stubbs

Tel: 832-243-1210
Cel: 832-472-1885
Fax: 832-415-0442