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With the current plans to expand Polyethylene production on the Gulf Coast, as well as a drive to become more efficient with existing plants, SolidEx Spin loaders are used to increase the fill efficiency of each railcar, reducing the transportation costs of the customer.

SolidEx is a gravity operated system that can load up to 200,000 pph through each hatch, the equivalent of 800,000 pph total for a properly designed system, loading a rail car to 97-98% full in 25 minutes. This speed and efficiency is derived from the SolidEx tilting cone and impeller. Also, the “shutter” designed into all SolidEx loaders fully protects the operators from the moving parts and eliminates waste and cross contamination between grades of pellets.

To maximize capacity and effectiveness, SolidEx has designed two types of systems, in conjunction with their superior spin loader, to load rail cars at high production rates.

The first system would be used in conjunction with a plant that is planning on having silos located above the railcar loading area. For this arrangement, SolidEx has designed a system that load a rail car – to 97-98% full – in approximately 25 minutes. For this design, all 4 railcar compartments are loaded simultaneously until all 4 compartments are full by level, or weight, if track scales are used. By filling the railcar in 25 minutes, we believe ample time is available to prepare the car-opening the hatches- lower the spouts-fill-close the hatches- and spot the next car for the total time of approximately 1 hour per rail car.

If silos are not planned to be installed above the railcars, SolidEx has a “No-Silo” option that incorporates a filter receiver or cyclone above each of the loading spouts. The pellets transferred to the loading area will be diverted into the compartment being filled and sequentially fill each rail car compartment via volume or weight – if track scales are used. The capacity of this option is generally set by the conveying rate of the system feeding the railcar load out area. A single SolidEx loader has a capacity of 200,000 pph, so we are confident that this system could keep up in production with the plant’s capacity.

SolidEx can supply the entire system, in either case mentioned above, including the SolidEx Spin Loaders, horizontal positioners, retractable loading spouts, piping, valves, receivers (if required) and the full control system.

SolidEx has supplied systems for the new high capacity plastic pellet facilities as well as provided systems to retrofit into existing facilities where the current load out systems are inadequate to keep up with production rates or fill efficiency goals.