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When you make contact with Alston Equipment Company you will be working with a professional and knowledgeable application specialist. We have over 125 years of combined experience in Bulk Material Handling, Processing and Pollution Control equipment, and Systems. Over the years we have developed a vast knowledge of process experience in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

Whether your project is for a single piece of equipment, to optimize an existing process, or a totally new process, we have the knowledge and experience to recommend process design and equipment which will assure that your project is successful.

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1250 Railroad Ave Suite 120A
Hammond, LA 70403

Tel: (985)-748-8482
Fax: (832)-415-0442
Email: sales@alstonequipment.com

12516 Cutten Road,
Suite C
Houston, TX 77066

Tel: (832)-243-1210
Fax: (832)-415-0442
Email: sales@alstonequipment.com

6510 Abrams Rd,
Suite 680
Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: (972)-722-4400
Fax: (832)-415-0442
Email: sales@alstonequipment.com

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